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Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving is my favorite time of year it sets the tone for a series of ongoing family traditions that I absolutely love.  Getting everyone together for a day full of cooking, sharing, football and most importantly eating.  By this time every November I have our Thanksgiving Dinner menu all planned out.

I am no chef, but I love to eat savory foods.  I’m very fortunate, part of my job is tasting meals for upcoming events, it’s one of my favorite perks.  From time to time I get some great tips on how to make a recipe great! If you haven’t already planned your dinner menu here are some amazing recipes our family has enjoyed over the years.

All of these are fairly easy to make and oh so worth the effort.

This year may be a little different or perhaps very different depending on circumstances.  It’s because of this I feel it is most important to keep as many traditions as you can manage.

7 Ways Your Family Will Benefit from Your Holiday Traditions

  • Traditions teach and reinforce your family’s values. …
  • Traditions provide a source of identity. …
  • Traditions help families bond closer together. …
  • Traditions ensure that people take time for emotional connection. …
  • Traditions create lasting memories for children.

Best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving.

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