Our Process

Getting to know you

Understanding what you like, enjoy and love is key. How you want to entertain and interact with your guests is essential to our successful collaboration. Do you prefer adventure travel or lounging by the pool with a great book? Do you love malls, boutiques or do you prefer online shopping? Do you love cooking or are you more likely to dine out? Every detail influences our creative process.


Here is where we put together a list of priorities, a detailed budget and a big picture planning timeline.  Parameters take shape as the information we have gathered helps set the scene and allows us to make strategic matches for your event which we know will be the best fit for your budget and your style.

Team Roster

We will work with you to secure the best possible team for your event. This may include a caterer, photographer, a band, stilt walker, fire-eater or even a glassblower. Whomever you need to have at the event you are dreaming of, we will utilize our skills and long-standing relationships to bring together your winning ensemble.


Here’s where we roll up our sleeves and have a whole lot of fun. Our team will work with you to establish color palettes, pick textiles and furnishings, select floral designs and vases, everything to get the creativity flowing to ensure our collective vision is innovative and aligned.

Mocking it Up

To give you the greatest sense of ease about your event design, we will prepare sketches or graphic renderings of all your key design elements so that you can get a true sense of how your event will look and feel.


Once you sign off on all your event elements you can sit back and relax while we work diligently to bring it all together.  For the several weeks/months leading up to your event we will be busy buying, building and confirming every meticulous detail as we prepare to bring you a flawless event.

Event Day

This is where we thrive bringing your design to life one detail, one component at a time so that it all culminates into one spectacular Main Event.

Next Steps...

Call or send us an email and tell us about your next gathering. We can help you organizing an spectacular event …