About Us

Main Event Planners is a full-service event planning and production firm. We integrate design, planning and production seamlessly to create unique event experiences. Transforming gatherings into spectacular Main Events since 2011.


My Story

Hi ! I’m Sandra, Chief Events Officer and founder of Main Event Planners. I am a career professional in the logistics industry turned event planner extraordinaire. Even while in the logistics industry, my passion has always been bringing people together. I made a career out of bringing people together to make great teams that worked cohesively across borders to achieve common goals. It was an odd twist of fate, while on a special assignment, that brought me to the events industry where I immediately recognized my new passion. It was then that I realized I could do my best in life through service to people.

In my professional career, I have always been a process driven person, great at scheduling and managing resources to ensure completion and end goals. In my personal life, I have always been creative and crafty. I love entertaining and I love planning amazing menu selections for themed occasions or family gatherings.

How awesome is it that fate brought me to the crossroads where these can converge? I can now work diligently on schedules and program individualized processes which ground me and nurture my creative side bringing in ingenuity, color, sometimes a little dramatic expression and meaningful details to conjure memorable settings and occasions for all.

Our Mission

Create a stress-free experience from the planning stage through to the day of the event’s completion.

Our Team

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Next Steps...

For the most discerning of tastes, let us plan your next Main Event!  Contact us to book your consult now.